Accounting fees are determined by the size and nature of your business and are subject to our engagement letter terms.

We understand that clients do not like receiving large unexpected or unexplained bills so we are happy to work with you on a number of different fee structures to suit the assignment.

Fixed Fee : This is a good option where the fee is agreed in advance for the year. It may cover a range of functions throughout the accounting period (i.e. GST returns, end of year financial statements). Options exist to pay this progessively by monthly instalments or at specified periods based on functions completed.

Hourly rate : This option will be used where there are special or ad hoc projects or where the total charges cannot be reasonably determined. Quotes or estimates can be obtained when required.

As a guideline our hourly rates are:

Senior business services / accounting (Partner level): $250.00
Accounting general: $150.00 – $175.00
Data Entry/Clerical: $100.00
All rates are exclusive of GST.

Trading Terms
Our standard terms are payment in full 20th of the month following invoice. We are happy to negotiate other terms to suit and encourage our clients to consider monthly automatic payments (partly in advance, partly in arrears), in order to smooth both their cash flow and ours. Please note, we reserve the right to charge interest and/or collection costs on overdue account.